The Way You Hug Your Partner Tells A Lot About Your Personality


We all know that everyone in this world posses different kinds of personality and nature.  You can separately determine every individual’s personality just by noticing some particular signs like their body language, facial expressions and their behavior towards you. But these signs also include the way they hug you. Hugs can help you in clarifying your feelings about someone the way you hug someone speaks that whether you really like that person or just being friendly.  There are different types of hugs, some of them are obvious sign that you are comfortable and some of them mean that you want to make as less contact as possible.  Most of the time hugs are pretty confusing signs but here’s is the collection of several types of hugs by which you can get through your confusion.

1. Putting your hands in your partner’s pocket means something

Hugging someone reveal some of your personality traits. When you put your hands in the pocket of your partner that means you are pretty comfortable and peaceful while he/she is around you. This hug also indicates that you get the feeling of safety when you are with him/her.

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