9 Hacks To Get The Perfect Half-Up High Ponytail Hairstyle

8. Ponytail looking a big dull and saggy? All you have to do is throw a small claw clip into the center of the ‘tail and you’ll have instant volume!


If you too hate sagging ponytail then you can use claw clip into your pony tail have instant volume? Just make a ponytail and use claw clip just below the elastic and use comb to mess it up a little bit and then remove the claw clip, in this way you can add some instant volume to your hair.

9. A great trick to make even the heaviest of ponytails perky and adorbs is to secure the base with two bobby pins to help it maintain its shape throughout the day.

To make your ponytail more voluminous and high you must use bobby pins to hold the position of the ponytail. Just make a plain and high ponytail and take the bobby pins through it vertically that will hold the position of the ponytail for the whole time.