9 Hacks To Get The Perfect Half-Up High Ponytail Hairstyle

2. If you’re going for a more effortless feel, you can instead use a brush to pull the pony to the very top of your head and then tease it so it becomes big and messy:


Every girl loves cute cascading top pony and it can be attained just in few steps. You can use iron curler to curl up your ponytail a little bit. Take a upper section of your hair that is hair at the top of your head then curl that portion using iron curler and turn it into a small pony tail and then use a comb to mess it up a little bit. After this use bobby pins, and position your ponytail in forward direction, to pin it up. After doing this comb your hair backward and use some hair spray on the pony tail to add some stiffness to it.

3. Hide the elastic band by wrapping a small piece of hair around it and securing with a bobby pin:

Half up ponytail is just as easy as any other half ponytail you just have to take a upper half portion of your hair at the back of your head and using a comb mess it up a little bit and secure it using an clear elastic band. Now pull out strand from your ponytail and wrap it up around your ponytail making sure that it covers up the elastic band properly.

4. Curl your hair into tight spirals before you gather half into a ponytail for a super flirty look:


This ponytail can provide you a very fresh look as well as flirty one too. for this ponytail first you have to curl up your hair using a curling iron after curling process take upper half of your hair and turn it into a ponytail but do not tie it at the center top your hair , tie it a little bit aside instead.