9 Hacks To Get The Perfect Half-Up High Ponytail Hairstyle


every single women love high pony tails and we are bored with that same style of ponytail doing daily which also sat down in few hours .here are various high ponytail styles that can be done quickly and are easy as well and will stay the same with time these ponytails styles are anti sagging and would provide you fresh and elegant look.

1. A clean part will make the whole look more polished and ~fancy~:


for this beautiful ultra chic half up pony tail first comb up your hair and then take a small section from above part of your hair and take it at back of your head and secure it with a clear elastic band and then take strand of your hair from the back and wrap it up on the ponytail to hide the elastic. To hold your pony tail use some hair spray at the end.